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Frequently Asked Questions


How are your soaps made?

We use the cold process method to make all of our soaps from scratch. Cold process soaps differ from hot process made soaps in that the chemical reaction of our organic oils with sodium hydroxide generates the heat necessary to convert the oils to soap as opposed to requiring external  heat sources. 

Are your soaps aged?

We age all of our organic soaps a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure that they are long lasting and do not simply melt away in your soap holder.

Why do you use organic botanicals in your soaps?

Our organic botanicals provide color and more importantly texture to our organic soaps. Texture provides exfoliation which is critical to cleansing old skin cells from our bodies and ensures the first step towards soft, smooth and great looking skin

Do all of your soaps contain 100% organic ingredients?

All soaps except Pine are made entirely from certified organic ingredients. We use  forest grown pine oil in our Pine variety as the only ingredient in any of our soaps that is not certified organic.

Are your hand & surface sprays a good sanitizer?

Yes, We use witch hazel as a key ingredient that sanitizes as the organic glycerin moisturizes. 

Are your organic soaps really handmade?

All or our soaps are handmade throughout the entire process. We been our organic oils, botanicals and essential oils then process them, mold them and package them in our artisan designed packaging by hand without the benefit of any machinery.  Oh, and don't forget the love that goes into each and every organic soap.

Are your organic soaps vegan?

Yes. We use only plant based oils, botanicals and essential oils in all of our organic soaps.